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Salsa de Cuba! Fantastico! The ONLY authentic, Havana university trained dance teachers in Manchester. I have done all of their dance courses except one in the last 5 years. Juan & Susan have also given me the amazing opportunity to participate in many dance performances of which I am eternally honoured to have done. I also went on one of their Cuba holidays which was one of the best experiences ever! Not many dancers can say that they’ve even danced with their dance teachers beautiful family in their kitchen, in the heart of Havana with a live’ll never experience that on any other Cuba package holiday! Nor will you ever receive such friendly, professional dance advice elsewhere! Well done Salsa de Cuba. Much love & future success

Juan & Susan ~ Salsa de Cuba, Manchester UK

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About Salsa de Cuba

Salsa de Cuba hold Authentic Cuban dance classes in Greater Manchester, with trained professionals ~ Juan Munoz and Susan Milner

​Juan is was born in the centre of Havana, Cuba and trained at the University of Havana in 'Bailes Populares de Cuba'. He taught and performed in Cuba and has taught all levels to Advanced in the UK for 20 years.

Susan trained in Latin & Ballroom, has danced salsa for many years, trained in Cuba and with Juan, and has taught with Juan for 18 years.

The classes are fun and informative and you can be sure you are being taught the 'real' salsa by experts.


There are many reasons to learn to dance and there are many teachers to choose from.  BUT to enjoy it the most - is to dance to the best of your ability; we have pride in our teaching and in our students.  

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